With the ever evolving world of technology, competition is so high in all aspect even including the mailing platforms or websites and Hotmail has been finding it difficult to have a stable of footing because the users are finding new platforms and switching from Hotmail to Gmail and it has been happening for quite some time now. Microsoft has had a rough patch but with the new updates there are a lot of users who are switching back to Hotmail for these services.

It is a general perception of people that the popular platform is the one that they should be using for themselves which is why most people go for Gmail, however, with the recent changes you may find it hard to believe but Hotmail has taken the lead and there are a lot of advantages of using Hotmail as well. So now is the time that you get back to hotmail login page now and start using it regularly, if you are wondering as to why we said that, because we are sharing a list of advantages that you can have by using Hotmail again. Let us now take a look at a few of the advantages of using Hotmail, check them out below.

 Personal Folder Options

This option of personal folder enables people to have their emails filter out and be grouped into different categories so that it is easier for you to use one account for professional as well personal purposes without having a difficult of sorting things out.

Microsoft Office Support

If you face any problems on your Hotmail, you can now use Hotmail office support and get through problems at a much faster pace and you do not have to waste days trying to fix your issues, the service is very prompt.

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