We’re all aware of the fact that the law recognises a person’s life being impair or ended wrongfully at the hand of someone else as a punishable offence but what about certain situations where there’s a case of wrongful life? Yes, this can sound a little weird if it’s the first time you’re hearing about this but there are many cases of birth related medical negligence that become much easier to understand the more you read about them.

On this page, we’ll shed a little light on what birth related medical negligence is and how lawyers and courts take them seriously. Wrongful pregnancy cases are rather straightforward and there are claims regarding this available in Illinois as well. If a couple undergoes a medical procedure like tube ligation or vasectomy and they still end up pregnant then they have the right to sue for wrongful pregnancy because the procedure was clearly not done right.

In these cases, the couple can be entitled to damages because of the pregnancy that they weren’t ready for and even if they decide to have the child anyways, their medical bills are all covered and whatever opportunities they miss because of the pregnancy are all compensated for. The second birth related medical negligence claim available in Illinois is the case of wrongful birth where the parents aren’t informed of the development of physical and mental impairments in their unborn child while they can do something about them.

As an outcome of this birth related medical negligence, the parents might face a lot of difficulties and bills while raising their child into adulthood and the damages given to these parents cover all their child’s medical, institutional and  educational expenses till they’re adults.

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