Getting your house renovated from the bottom-up is a very hectic job. Everything is all over the place, there is a lot of noise and there are a lot of decisions that need to be made ranging from the color scheme, the type of wood and design to choose your kitchen cabinets, getting the right furniture and so on. Each of these decisions are important since your choice dictates how well everything looks and how long it will last as the same time. Now when it comes to flooring options, you can either choose to stick to plain, tiled floors, or you can have your entire floor carpeted instead.

Carpet flooring can be nice during colder months, it’s good for children since their feet will have a better grip on the carpet so they won’t slip as easily and it doesn’t look dirty immediately a day after cleaning like the way plain tiled floors do, however, carpeted floors are not for everyone and we’re going to discuss why that is below.

The biggest issue to deal with when it comes to carpeted floors is dust. While dust isn’t visible on carpets, you will be surprised to know about the range of problems carpets carry with them. The carpet hair will trap dust, bacteria and other floating particles which will keep collecting and ultimately become a center for various health problems. Even if you vacuum your carpet every day, it will not be enough and you will have to call in professional cleaners instead. This isn’t ideal for people who have dust allergies or younger children. Carpets also tend to stain if you drop anything on them. If you have a carpet or are going to get a carpet, you should contact the professionals at from time to time to take care of your carpet for you.

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