South Korea: The Third Largest Crypto Investor in The World

Bitcoin has taken the world by storm ever since its prices began to sky rocket, currently the three countries where you can expect to find the largest number of crypto investors are the US, Japan and South Korea. South Korea has a huge market for bitcoin and also has the world’s largest bitcoin exchange; Bithumb. Studies has shown that out of every 10 salary workers in South Korea, 3 have made investments in bitcoin and have profited from this decision immensely.

More than 80% of the South Koreans who have invested in bitcoin have enjoyed profits with an average return of around 425%, on average; every Korean crypto investor out there has owned crypto currencies worth around $5,260 USD. The poll that was used to gather this information was sent to around 941 people via email and most of the people who responded (around 80% of the total) were around 20 to 30 years old.

One estimate claims that South Korea has around 2 million digital currency investors, meaning that out of every 25 South Koreans, 1 has made investments in crypto currencies. If you compare these figures with America, the ratio of crypto investors and non-crypto investors is lower, an American survey revealed that around 11% Americans have either owned crypto currency in the past or are currently in possession of it. This survey also revealed that a decent amount of Americans (17.2%) were planning on investing in crypto currency in the future.

The obsession with bitcoin trading in South Korea is so huge that they have a term for referring to people who keep on checking bitcoin prices around the clock; bitcoin zombies. The country’s government has even expressed concern regarding this bitcoin obsession saying that it could lead to unhealthy effects and could promote bad habits in the youth such as drug dealing due to the fact that bitcoin transactions are completely untraceable.

The South Korean government is trying to take measures to bring bitcoin trading under control, the government has planned on introducing taxes on crypto transactions and has placed restrictions on underage and foreign investors from operating in crypto exchanges. The government is also introducing more restrictions in order to regulate the crypto market, one regulation bans the use of anonymous counts in crypto exchanges.

Naturally, this has led to outrage amongst many South Koreans, leading people to organize protests that demand the government to stop taking such measures. A group of investors have even come up with an online petition that they have made for the presidential Blue House, the petition already has 17,000 signatures and the government will have to take action once it reaches its goal of 200,000 signatures. Governments all around the world have tried to regulate the flow of crypto currencies but many of them have been unsuccessful for a number of reasons, it remains to be seen whether the South Korean Government will follow through with its regulatory decisions or whether it will have to stand down.

Apple Decides to Make Its Famous Lisa OS’s Source Code Public

Apple is one of the largest companies in the world and one of the biggest brands to ever have existed, while the company’s past decade has mostly consisted of them cashing In on their brand name by selling the same products with little variation year after year, there was a time when Apple was considered as one of the most innovative tech companies in the world. Apple has contributed a lot to modern computing, but unfortunately their contributions were not recognized due to the fact that they were simply too early.

Before the iOS, Apple made the Lisa OS which ran on the Lisa; a computer that Apple made in 1983 for $10,000 at that time. The Lisa had a lot of innovative features such as a GUI and the use of a mouse, both of which were not common in computers at that time. Sadly, the computer was a catastrophic failure that only sold 10,000 units.

The Lisa was a pretty big failure, however its existence holds a special importance since it helped the company in growing, the Lisa is what caused Steve Jobs and Bill gates to part ways and it also led to Steve Jobs creating NeXT computer after he was kicked out from Apple. Apple later on bought this company and brought Jobs back into its fold.

Apple has recently decided to make the Lisa Os’ source code available for the public, it shall be made available somewhere in 2018 once Apple has reviewed the software. Access to the Lisa’s Source code is going to allow people to play around with the software and develop a better understanding of how Apple brought this OS to life. Tech people everywhere are bound to be excited by this news since they will be getting a chance to tinker with Apple’s software without having to come up with hacks and workarounds.

Staying Safe From Tech Support Fraud

Tech support exists to guide us and help us find solutions to our problem, this thinking is what causes many people to let their guards down when contacted by a tech support personnel, these kind of people have a big chance of falling prey to tech support fraud which can result in them sharing sensitive information with the wrong people. Luckily, tech support fraud can be avoided quite easily, all you need to do is know how to handle such calls.

Microsoft and other renowned tech bodies have stated that a tech support personnel would never call you randomly to check on your computer, tech support does not reach out to people so never press on any pop-ups saying that your computer needs checking or some email that seems to have come from tech support without you asking for it. Some malicious parties even go as far as creating fake websites for anti-virus companies, fortunately with a bit of vigilance one can tell notice whether a website is fake or not, the simplest way to do this is to check the URL.

Modern OSes have come up with a great way of ensuring that even if a computer gets infected with a virus, the damage is kept to a minimum, make sure that your OS and other applications are all kept up to date and that your built-in defender is enabled. You can also manually perform cache and temporary file cleaning to get rid of malicious software.

Tech support fraud often finds its way to you from websites that have poor security, if you feel like you are being targeted by a fraudulent party then go through your browsing history to check where it could have caught wind of you. Phishing, pharming and other malicious activities often become more active in the holiday season since people shopping online tend to explore more websites than usual at this time of the year.

The best way to keep your computer free from malicious software is to always keep your security tools active, Windows 10’s defender does a pretty good job at providing security, and you can couple it with third party software to further bolster your data security. Simple software such as web browser ad blockers are also really effective since they prevent pop-ups and pop-unders from opening.

One of the biggest dangers of shopping online is that your credit card information might get stolen, this is why you should always shop on trusted sites and you should never give your credit card details to any fishy source. Some frauds try to convince you to give your credit card details to them, if you feel like that you have fallen prey to such a scheme then contact your bank immediately.

Lastly, some tech support companies request to remotely control your computer in order to fix your problem, never agree to this unless you are 100% sure that the tech support that you are dealing with is legitimate and can be trusted.