There’s a chance that even if you’ve had your iPhone for years on years, you would still damage it through your everyday usage and you wouldn’t even realize that such a thing is happening until you’re looking for some repairman to crack it open and tell you what’s wrong with it.

If you ever try to open your phone yourself, there’s a chance that could void any agreement between you and the company which also makes your warranty voided, though if you’re sure about how to go about it, you could open it up and do simple operations like change the battery yourself.

The risk is still there however and it’s usually more comfortable, if costly, to take it to a licensed shop. If you want to avoid having to go to a shop at all, you’d have to take better care of your iPhone but there’s only so far that we can keep a conscious effort about us before it succumbs to our habits. The only solution there is to modify our behaviour so that every time we handle our phone, we unconsciously ensure that everything we do with it is neat and organized and prevents misuse and damage.

Obvious misuse of a phone is to take it into the shower with you. Some people like to keep their phones by them while they take a bath and if the water present in the bathroom, even the vapour or steam from hot water, can really mess up with the interior of your phone. You’d be looking for a licensed iPhone repair San Diego store right away since the likeliness that the water will somehow get in your phone and destroy it is incredibly high and not the kind of thing that you should be taking a risk on.

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