What you’re looking for when you’re buying your first pair of skates is going to vary on your intended use for it. In general, any decent pair of roller skates for you needs to be comfortable and has to be of the type of skates that you want to skate with. Quad skates are just like quad bikes in that they have 4 wheels but two are in the front and two are in the back. This means more stability and an easier time when you’re just trying to stand. However, they don’t provide as much speed nor style as typical skates with all 4 wheels in a single row.

Another issue that quad skates have to face off against is that they’re more susceptible to cracks in the road as they cover more area then inline skates. When you want to find the best roller skates for women or men, a good start is too see where you plan to do most of the skating. If you’re going for indoors skating, then quad skates can be a good start since they are more stable and easier to start learning on. Inline skates are meant for speed and are used in professional sports, but they also lack the balance that quad skates can provide.

Don’t count them out just yet though, inline skates have better support for your ankles. In the end, whatever kind of skates you want to go for, keep into account where you’ll be skating and what you plan to use the skates for. That takes care of the first hassle of just choosing the kind of skates you want to buy. Then you can get into the next part which is picking out between all the different brands and variations that exist on the market for that skate.

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