As children, most of us used think that it’s really easy to be successful. All we have to do is study hard, go to college and then have a job that’s going to pay us a lot of money. Of course, while that is how it is supposed to be ideally, it’s not how things work in real life. There are thousands of college graduates every year that enter the job market, all of them having great resumes and records, however, out of the hundreds that apply for a job opening, only 1 or 2 people will be accepted. So, a lot of college graduates are now struggling to make a living and are working minimum wage jobs now.

It takes years to be able to have enough money to have a place of your own, and that too with the help of bank loans. So, if you are looking into permanent property ownership options, you have the choice between houses and condos. We’re going to do a quick comparison between the two so that you know which will work better for you.

  • In terms of location, houses are located in the suburbs while condos are usually located within the city district. So, you will spend a lot of time and money commuting if you have a house.
  • In terms of price, condos are comparatively cheaper than houses but a lot more expensive than apartments.
  • In terms of resale value, condos have a lower resale value than houses.
  • In terms of privacy and independence, houses are better since you do not have to follow any specific rules or guidelines, plus you get a lot of privacy. Condos are shared units in a condominium so you have to obey the HOA rules and compromise a little when it comes to privacy.

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