In an ordinary context, Facebook is a very effective way to kill time; there are so many memes and funny videos to scroll through and share around with your friends and even if you go to Facebook to argue about your opinions on current affairs, you’re still there to kill time. Conversely, Facebook is also very effective in promoting all kinds of businesses.

There’s an estimated 2 billion users on Facebook and if you market yourself right, there’s a great chance that you’ll reach thousands of people just like that. The potential for marketing on Facebook is huge and as far as small businesses are concerned, they might even depend on Facebook for their growth and success.

There are many marketing agencies such as Voy Media advertising that help many small and larger businesses promote themselves online on Facebook. The reason why it’s such a good idea for small businesses to depend on Facebook for their advertisements and marketing campaigns is because it offers incredible results for very little cost. Marketing is something that can make or break a business but small businesses have always lost out in competitive marketing because of their limited resources.

With Voy Media advertising on Facebook, small businesses can reach out to a huge audience with creative adverts for very little money. Because of this, more and more small businesses are stating out from Facebook and thanks to agencies like Voy Media advertising, their success rate is also very high.

Asides from it being a cheap way to advertise a lot, Facebook also allows businesses to stay in touch with their potential and returning customers all the better as well; interaction is also a very key part of marketing.

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