If you are going to Melbourne for a long stay vacation and want to become a commoner in the city then you would need to blend in well. When people go for a long stay vacation, they do not want to be identified as wide eyed tourists which makes sense so we thought that we would help you with that matter and help you blend in the crowds of Melbourne but before we do that, do you know how you are going to travel there? If you wish to have a smooth traveling experience then choose a good company like Downunder Travel but let us now jump onto blending in with others.

Visit to The Bookstore

The most non-touristy thing that you can do is to go to a bookstore there or better yet a library and if you do that, no one would be able to point out that you are just a visiting tourist.

Pubs, Clubs And Cafes

You can get out of your hotel and go to different clubs, bars and cafes to enjoy your time and mingle with the locals. We would suggest that you make sure to play some local games like guess who, connect four etc. as that would provide you a lot of insight into the lives of locals and might even make you feel like one.


A great way to blend in anywhere is cycling so take a day out and experience  Melbourne on a cycle and you would be surprised to see a lot of new things that you would not get a chance to view if you travel in a car.

Shop in Markets

There are many markets that are full of tourists so if you want to experience more, we would recommend that you go to local markets that are not huge but you would find that they are that more authentic and you would have a blast there.

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