As a smoker, there’s nothing more annoying than when people you don’t even know go out of their way to tell you that you’re going to die earlier because you smoke. While this is very rude and inconsiderate of them to say, most of them mean well and only want you to quit a bad habit of yours that is injuring your health.

We understand that it’s your decision to smoke or not and that no one should tell you what toflao do. However, if you check out this blog post from bitrebels, you might just consider switching to a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco filled cigarettes. You don’t have to post snippets of you vaping while listening to vaporwave music to be accepted, don’t worry – it’s just healthier.

Unlike their tobacco loaded counter parts, e-cigarettes don’t actually produce any smoke. The device heats up flavoured, aromatic fluids and then you inhale the vapours. These fluids can even contain nicotine, which makes them great for smokers who want to quit. Tobacco smoke contains thousands of harmful substances that we inhale with every puff of smoke; you can avoid all these cancer causing substances by switching to vapour and at the same time, you’ll get to enjoy nicer tasting vapour without worrying about the smell.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to switch over to e-cigs then maybe it’s a good time to think about how much money you spend on your cigarettes in a year. Cigarettes are expensive and they run out pretty fast. With a single cartridge of vapour fluid, you can get your fix of nicotine a hundred times more easily. There are so many advantages that e-cigarettes have over ordinary one – be sure to check the above link to learn more.

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