A bow is a something that you cannot just go out and buy if you do not possess the knowledge of it because there are so many kinds of bows that all have different features so if you really do not know anything about it then you would probably end up with the wrong bow. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that every bow is not made for everyone. We know that many of our readers love compound bows and plan on purchasing one but we could not let them go out without any knowledge and buy the wrong one which is why we are going to be shedding light on the features of a compound bow which would give knowledge over it which you can use when you go out to purchase one. You can search about top rated compound bows if you wish to get the best one but let us now move on to our main topic.


This is a very important feature of a compound bow and it is basically recognized by  the two cams that are located at the end of the bow. This particular feature is responsible for the string tension which is very important for the resistance of a draw which actually allows the arrow to fly.

Arrow Rest

The arrow rest is located on the riser and in some of the bows, it actually retracts when the arrow is shot. It might seem like a small feature but it is very important because it is allows the arrow to rest in the right place before the shot is made.

Bow String

It quite a prominent and important feature which runs the whole length of the bow and the string is between the two cams.

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