Gone are the days when raw honey was the only option that we used for eating and other medicinal purposes. There is vast variety of honey out there in the market such as Rooftop honey, Sourwood honey, and Manuka honey. This sweet liquid has been consumed by mankind for centuries and is known for its extraordinary benefits. Due to its positive effects on human health many people have started using it in place of white sugar so that they can minimize the harmful effects of insulin in their diet. Various scientific studies have shown that Manuka honey has additional anti-microbial properties that can help fight the free radicals from the body without any collateral damages.

This type of honey is taken out from the bee-hives which are formed from the nectar of Manuka flowers which are found in New Zealand. This is also unprocessed as it is directly placed in containers without any preservatives and is usually much more viscous in nature than any other type of honey. It can almost form jelly-like shape when placed in jars and upon stirring with a spoon it would instantly change its solid state form. The concentration of methylglyoxal is much higher in it which is basically an anti-bacterial compound that triggers the body’s defense mechanism against radicals that are freely roaming around. If you are looking for unbiased reviews on best manuka honey brand, then make sure to visit the website of Ocean Bee Honey.

Traditional raw honey exists in bee hives that are mainly composed of honey that is taken out from flowers of different species. There is no consistency of a unique form of anti-bacterial compound in them. As methylglyoxal is present 100 times more in Manuka honey than any other type, this makes it highly sought after.

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