After watching all those action movies and maybe playing a few Japanese RPG games where flashy kung fu moves are everywhere, you’d really wonder how cool it’d be if you’d try them out too. The good news is that things like throwing out multiple kicks in a second or jumping over a car are all possible and not just stunts you see in movies. The human body is capable of truly astounding feats but the only catch is that you have to train your body very hard to do any of this.

Basically what we’re trying to say is that you too could become a martial arts belt holder pretty easily if you start training with a master right away. You’ll need dedication and discipline and if you succeed in your training, your entire life might change and you’ll just feel so good about yourself. The reason why not many people learn martial arts anymore is because they chicken out over the thought of having to fight other martial artists and compete with them for belts and what not.

Well, truth be told you can definitely try to compete for higher ranks in the martial arts you’re learning but it’s not really necessary. A lot of people out there are practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu recreationally and still benefiting from it; these people don’t have to fight other fighters in order to keep practicing Jiu Jitsu but if it came down to it, they could fight to defend themselves. It’s an ugly world out there and you never know when you might be put in the spot where you have to fight someone and even though you weren’t up to fighting another fighter, you’ll be able to defend yourself if the need ever arises – it’s called fight or flight for a reason.

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