Smartphones are like miniature laptops that can fit in your phone. But unlike your laptop, they are a lot more convenient to carry around. Laptops take a considerable amount of effort and some of the things that would make us need to carry our laptops around, like checking our email, can be done efficiently on our phones. We can’t really use laptops on the go to listen to music, but a phone can do twice that.

Check your spreadsheets or listen to music at the same time while moving between locations. And as the Swedish would say find “bästa mobilen för pengarna” can have different answers depending on the criteria of the person asking.

That means to find the best mobile for the money. Some people want a smartphone that can play some high-requirement games with great graphics and textures. With a smart phone, you can also keep a GPS on so that if you need to find a place and aren’t sure where to go, with 4G and other network services available on the go, you can always be sure to never lose your way. It’s kind of a more personalized assistant that lets you stay in touch with everyone you need to.

If you look at modern day usage, there are plenty of people out there that could potentially tell you that they couldn’t survive a day without their phones. You probably at least have the old-school phones and the only reason you’d have that is that you need to stay in touch with people. Imagine being able to also play video games or listen to your music as you stay in touch with your friends. Social media sites come out with apps for phones as well. Twitter and Facebook are just some of the first.

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