Thanks to technology, it’s a lot easier to make due with handicaps and get by in life. Previously, handicaps like the inability to speak, hear or see were as good as death sentences to the person since they could no longer function like a normal person. Though not quite on the same level as a mental disorder, these people were still shunned for their supposed incompetency on being able to perform the basic of human abilities but now the times have changed and improvements have been made in science to help these people cope with their complications.

A lot of these issues can arise in old age. Difficulty of hearing is most common in our senior citizens and make an already frail body even more incapable of keeping up with modern society. With the innovations of science, senior citizens can now make use various technologies such as hearing aids which can be tailored to individual needs. Not every senior citizen is going to have difficulty in hearing and to those ends, the ones that need it more can make more use of hearing aids by having them personalized to the extent of their condition.

Hearing aids should be comfortable to use. Their expected use can be throughout the whole day and if they are unbearable to wear then they only add on to the already many complications that those who have difficulty in hearing have to face. Another technique made to circumvent the deaf condition that many people face has been to design a whole new language known as sign language. With these, people will no longer have to speak with their mouths but can instead use body language and defined gestures to make others understand your words without having to utter a single one.

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