Over the years, the nuclear family has changed quite a lot and now the familial riles might even be interchangeable. However, just like how the old nuclear family had its fair share of problems, the newer family systems are also prone to problems that affect the entire family.

In a lot of cases, a single family member might be the one facing problems but because of the dynamics of how a family works, these problems can very quickly start to systematically affect other family members as well.

In such cases, one of two things can happen; families can either fall apart because they couldn’t overcome their problems or they could overcome their problems together through family therapy as well as strengthen their bonds in the process. A lot of families fall apart because of small issues with big effects but this doesn’t have to happen. In older days, people would fix things that were broken instead of throwing them away and looking for newer ones – such is the case with family problems.

There are certain cultural stigmas surrounding family therapy since people generally view families that seek therapy and counselling as dysfunctional families but this is precisely why they need to be able to seek help – so they can avoid becoming a dysfunctional family. The longer problems at home persist, the bigger their impacts can get. These impacts can drive family members away from one another and also affect them individually. After a few sessions with a licensed family counsellor, a family with problems might even grow closer together than ever before. At the heart of any happy family, there is understanding and support; these two things can go missing from many families, causing them to fall apart but family therapy works to put them back.

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