The past few decades haven’t been very great for us in terms of climate change. We have learnt that the earth’s average temperature has risen which has had devastating effects on the planet. Ice caps have been melting, more and more species are growing endangered every day, and the ocean hasn’t been doing well either, in fact just last year the barrier reef was declared as dead by marine biologists.

We are already beginning to see the effects of climate change in the form of natural disasters. There has been flooding, rainstorms, hurricanes, wildfires and extreme temperatures happening throughout various parts of the world. Yet, knowing all of this, a lot of us still continue to make decisions that we know will harm the environment. We continue to use cars that require fuel, we use plastic bags, continue to support companies that don’t have environmentally sustainable practices and so on.

While countries around the world are trying to come with the necessary legislation to change things, we cannot just let them do all the work. There are still things we can do on an individual level that can reduce at least our own carbon footprint. The best thing you can do is switching to renewable energy. So, you can choose to have solar panels in your house as a source of generating electricity or as a water heater. There is a lot that you can accomplish by just switching to renewable energy. Sunlight, especially in Australia is pretty abundant, so you know you will be able to generate enough electricity without putting any burden on the planet. It isn’t difficult either since you can now have easy access to repair services as well in case things ever go wrong. You can visit for their services.

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