Our biggest problem is perhaps the fact that at the time of grave injustice, we tend to stay quiet and observe. If you choose to stay silent in these situations, it is the equivalent of siding with the oppressors rather than the oppressed. We read the news every day, we know what’s happening around us, especially to minorities and marginalized communities. This includes people of color, the LGBTQA+, especially the Aborigines. We can pretend like we don’t know the silent horrors they go through, but deep down we all know the truth.

Most of these people are unable to get access to the necessary legal help simply because they either cannot afford it or they feel like the law is against them and will not protect them. It’s a sad situation if a marginalized community feels as though the very justice system that is supposed to protect them is in fact, set up against them. The Aboriginal community barely has any support from the justice system, which is why it’s about time we recognize our privilege.

A lot of us fail to recognize our privilege and at the same time, disregard an entire community’s shared experience and trauma. It is really important for you to stand up for marginalized communities and make their voices heard because they currently cannot do that on your own. There are so many ways you can help get them recognized and validate their struggle. Start the discussion at your home and then continue talking about it everywhere you go, with everyone. Be it a teacher, a blogger, a governor etc. If you find out about a case, get legal advice and help. Make sure they have access to everything we already take for granted. Juristes Power Law is a firm that is well-versed in Aboriginal Law and can help assist you professionally on the matter.

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