They often ask us who can benefit from a VPN and we tell them ‘who can’t?!’ In the simplest of terms, a VPN is a tool that allows you a much greater access to the resources to the internet all the while making your connection much more private and secure. You can extend your reach on the internet because it allows you to surf networks that you aren’t physically connected to through your LAN.

Well, that’s what a VPN is and does by definition but what you choose to do with it is an entirely different story altogether. If you’re new to all this, some things might just come across as a bit tricky to you, in which case you can go to and learn some more about what benefits you can get through a VPN. Here are some users that benefit from VPN almost every day, see where you fit in.


Most schools and workplaces provide their students or employees with VPN services to allow them to access otherwise foreign resources on the internet when they need to. Most public internet connections and home internet connections are very limited by physical networks, which is why VPNs are necessary. Besides, if you’re doing some important work using an untrusted network, it really pays to be able to use VPN service to hide your work from prying eyes.

Heavy Downloaders

You may be downloading something legally or illegally but in either case there’s the risk of your name ending up on some list of suspected people just because you have a torrent app on your computer. Having a VPN can allow you to download whatever you want peacefully without potentially being charged in court for it.

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