We believe that dog cameras are great inventions that every dog owner should consider buying as they have many benefits. You must be thinking that it is a camera that can record the movements of your dog but it is so much more than that. Dog cameras that are new in the market have so many cool features that it is hard to believe that they are only dog cameras. If you are planning to purchase one for your pet then make sure to first read up on UK’s best dog cameras as they are the best and then purchase one according to your budget and the reviews.

Treat Dispenser

You might not know this but many of the new dog cameras are treat dispensers which means that you can either set the timer or with the application of the dog camera, just push a button and dispense treats to your dog which is a very helpful function when you are not at home and your dog is hungry or upset and you want to give it a treat.


The main purpose of these cameras are the security for the dog because when you leave the dog alone at home for whatever reason, are you perfectly sure that the dog is okay? Even if you have animal proofed the house and locked it up properly, something can still go wrong and the dog can get hurt but with the camera, you can keep an eye on it.


If you notice via the camera that your dog is getting agitated then you can simply use the microphone feature of the camera and talk to your dog to calm it down. If you plan on leaving your dog alone for a long while, it is advised to talk to it after every while and come back home as soon as possible.

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